Thaddeus Eichorn

Thaddeus Eichorn


Hi, my name is Thaddeus Eichorn. I started Eichorn Tax & Financial, LLC in May of 2019 with the desire to help people manage their financial lives. I want to help people build wealth long-term, and I am inspired by the idea of freeing my clients up to allow them to do more of what they love. My goal in life is to apply my unique talents and gifts to help others and allow them to bless others in turn.


My personal story starts on a family farm in central Ohio where I was born and raised. I spent much of my childhood playing outdoors, and, as a teenager, I worked for my father on the farm along with going to school. After I graduated from high school, I chose to attend Columbus State Community College for a degree in accounting. I later transferred to Franklin University and completed my bachelors’ degree with a double major in accounting and financial planning.

As of March 2020, I am an Ohio CPA. This credential stands for technical proficiency in accounting and business matters, and I abide by a code of professional ethics that makes a CPA one of the most trusted professionals in America. Being a CPA also means that I represent clients in dealings with the IRS and other taxing authorities.

During my time in college, I began working for a CPA firm, and I continued just under a year and a half after I graduated from college. In all, I worked both part-time and full-time for four years. I gained much valuable experience during this time, and I was given the unique opportunity of working and studying simultaneously.

I am married to an amazing woman, and I am very fortunate to have her by my side as I launch my own business. I also hold my Christian faith very closely, and I try to follow the example and teachings of Jesus in my every-day life. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with family, golfing, and reading.

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